The power of scent

Authentic, uniquely scented aromatic oil based blends that draw you just that little closer to nature. Bringing vitality to both the skin and senses


Where Africa meets the rest of the world

Inspired by nature wherever I am, the plant kingdom whose roots lie deep within the soils of the African continent, aromatherapy practices, current and ancient,  Ntuka's little collection focuses on a natural wholesome approach that aims to promote inner and outer beauty with uncomplicated, luxurious, nourishing everyday skincare to help promote long term skin health and help us feel emotionally balanced and nurtured.

Ethical skincare that offers us the opportunity to experience sensory pleasure through our sense of smell and touch. Very relevant in modern day society with more people looking for natural solutions that offer them much more than topical nourishment. Being acutely aware that what goes on internally in terms of emotions has the potential to affect what shows up on the outside.

All of the Ntuka blends are hand blended in very small batches here in Bristol UK  using certified organic and wild crafted ingredients. Sourced from small communities of my beloved continent, Africa and other parts of the world by a few, carefully selected group of reputable traders who have many years of experience in sourcing the finest ingredients and over the years have developed strong relationships and partnerships with the communities that they trade with.

There is a committed emphasis on sustainability, fair trade and the welfare of their partners particularly in countries where everyday living can be a difficult challenge economically. Ntuka is proud to be a very small part of that commitment.

A very warm welcome to you all 

Binkie - founder