Why I love and use aromatic essences

The beautiful and complex aromas of plants are the drive and source of inspiration for Ntuka. What carries each and every individual blend is it's lovlely and unique scent.

Formulated  from a combination of naturally grown and naturally processed botanical extracts and essences sourced from farming communities of my beloved continent, Africa and other parts of the world by reputable traders, who work directly with co-operatives and local communities with a strong emphasis on fair trade, the welfare of the producers, the land and it's generous resources.

While exploring various literature on aromatic oils (essential oils), I discovered many incredibly insightful and mind opening theories and facts about these precious treasures. 

Below follows a very brief extract mainly borrowed from two wonderful writers, Roberta Wilson and Maggie Tisserand, to shed light into why essential oils are a very big part of Ntuka's oil blends.

  • "Opening a bottle of an essential oil which possesses the vital force of a once-living plant, and breathing in its fragrance and therapeutic aroma can subtly yet powerfully remind you that you too are an integral part of nature whether you live on a farm on in a penthouse 100 floors above" wrote Roberta Wilson. 

  •  "Essential oils have many uses, although our sense of smell, being linked to our emotions, plays the largest part in recognising the power of aromatherapy and it is here that we can discover how certain essences have the power to lift depression, or which essences have a calming influence on troubled emotions",  Maggie Tisserand, (Aromatherapy for women 1990).

  • Essential oils also have the ability to penetrate and enter the body's blood stream through our skin, where they can then be transported to our internal organs and the lymphatic system. Through contact with the skin. They have the ability to promote cell regeneration, encouraging new healthy cells to form as well as relieving pain and soothing irritated skin, writes Roberta Wislon.

  • There is a real possibility to bring about a remarkable change in the condition of your skin by applying a treatment oil each night before going to bed. The beauty of aromatherapy facial massage is that it is not just working on the surface of the skin but is a real treatment that works on a deeper level, Maggie Tisserand. 

My undying passion:

​Dedicating time to reading, experimenting and observing has given me the guidance and confidence to trust in my abilities, intuition and embark on a journey that I feel a true and real connection with. I do this with a clear mind as I am very much aware of my responsibilities as a business and a consumer of essential oils.

How do essential oils enter our body: ​

Our first point of contact is attributed to our our sense of smell.


Our sense of smell is said to be more sensitive and immediate than any of our senses, which is why aromas can be so provocative to our emotional and mental state. Through our nose, essential oils travel to our lungs, brain and enter our blood stream where they are circulated the same way that blood transports nutrients to the body's cells. This interaction creates an opportunity for the essential oils to work holistically on the body, mind and our spirit. Targeting imbalances, promoting well-being in a profound way in some cases, Roberta Wilson, (The essential guide to essential oils 2002).

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