Made with a few but effective lovely Afirican butters combined with super repleneshing marula oil praised for having free radical scavenging properties and a gentle fragrace that includes my current favourite copaiba oil, known for its skin nourishing qualities and it's calming and grounding effect it imparts on our emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


    A creamy buttery blend with a smooth texture that absorbs effortlessly into skin, giving you that natural non-greasy glow when massaged into damp skin.


    Made to nourish, soften and to soothe away any tension that may be held within our facial and neck area. Daily application encourages skin to maintain a healthy balance and tone.


    A multi-purpose facial blend that you can also use as nourishing hair and hand moisturiser.


    Sourced from the fairly traded, wild harvested seeds of trichilia emetica also known as Cape Mahogany, a slow growing tree found across Southern Africa, the unrefined mafura butter used here works together with the Western African shea butter, cocoa butter and unrefined marula oil also known as morula in Botswana to really offer you an oustanding product that works brilliantly as a moisturiser. 


    The inclusion of a unique fragrant blend of copaiba essential oil, rose geranium, neroli and the intensly earthy and grounding patchouli gives this moisturiser the desired richness that is difficult to put into words.


    Like all of Ntuka's products, It is only through interaction with our palms and our skin that we can only really experiece the beauty of this blend, it's impact on our skin and emotions felt through our sense of touch and our sense of smell.


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